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Baby smiling, having toe nails files

Easy, stress-free nail time with baby!

From birth, baby's nails grow and develop, and it's important to keep them short and healthy to prevent scratches and dirt becoming trapped... but achieving this with sharp clippers, without hurting a wriggling infant, can be one of the most stressful experiences.

The outstanding new Wolfcub® Baby Nail File is perfect for shortening and shaping young, soft nails while being completely non-abrasive on skin. Wolfcub transforms nail time from a stressful struggle to an enjoyable experience for you and baby.

Gentle but effective

  • One simple tool that does it all - no more clippers!
  • Quick and effective - perfect for baby's soft nails.
  • Promotes healthy nail development

Safe and tough

  • The toughest crystal nail file available.
  • Surface guaranteed never to wear out.
  • Can be sterilised and disinfected.


  • Completely non-abrasive on baby's skin.
  • Hand-polished smooth edges,
  • so can never hurt baby!

Why is Wolfcub different?

Wolfcub is made with love in the Czech Republic from the finest Bohemia Crystal.

Ultra-fine filing surface

Unlike many other glass files, our unique filing surface is etched directly into the glass - our proprietary process achieves the very smoothest and most consistent surface. Effortlessly turning nails to dust, Wolfcub is highly effective but completely non-abrasive on skin so will never cause pain or irritation.

Double-hardened glass

After the surface is etched, we use a special tempering process to harden the glass. This makes Wolfcub much tougher than other glass nail files - in fact, our files are over three times as strong as some!

Safe for baby

Each Wolfcub file is finished and polished by hand, to ensure that there are no sharp edges. Our files have been independently tested for safety, and meet all applicable EU health and safety requirements.

Wolfcub can be washed and disinfected for perfect hygiene and is so durable that it will never wear out - in fact, we guarantee it for life!

Comparison of nail file surfaces
Closeup of baby having toe nails filed

Frequently Asked Questions


Wolfcub is suitable for use on babies from birth, and for kids of all ages - it's also amazing on adult's nails!


Wolfcub is not a toy, and must always be used under the close supervision of an adult. Wolfcub is intended for use by an adult on babies' and small childrens' nails. Older kids love filing their own nails, but this must be under the direction and supervision of an adult.

Wolfcub must always be stored safely our of reach of babies and children.


Yes, Wolfcub is safe! Our files are made from the highest-quality lead-free Bohemia Crystal. They are hypoallergenic and can be washed and disinfected if necessary for hygiene.

Wolfcub have been independently certified to be compliant with all applicable EU health and safety requirements (specifically Act. No. 102/2001 Coll.). Our files have been independently tested for toughness, and have been found to have on average over three times the strength of an untempered glass nail file.


We ship worldwide from the UK using Royal Mail services - we have happy customers in 33 countries now. If you live outside of the UK, your file will be delivered by your local postal service. You'll get an order confirmation from us by email within one working day, and we'll normally dispatch your file the same or next working day.

Due to the nature of Wolfcub as a personal hygiene item, if the file is not defective we are unable to accept returns if the package has been opened or used. If the package is unopened and in re-saleable condition, you may return your file for a refund of the purchase price excluding shipping (return shipping is your responsibility). Please contact us for a returns authorisation.

We will of course replace any file that is defective free of charge - please contact us and we will be happy to help.


Your file has most likely become clogged with the fine nail dust created by our ultra-smooth surface in normal use. A quick wash in warm soapy water will restore your Wolfcub to 100% effectiveness, as good as new.


Wolfub's filing surface is incredibly durable and, if used as intended on nails, will never wear out. We guarantee the filing surface for life. If you think your file is not performing as it should, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Wolfcub is made from extremely tough double-tempered crystal glass. However, it is not indestructible and may chip or break if abused or dropped onto a hard surface. Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee our files against breakage.


Wolfcub is available to buy online here through our website, and we ship worldwide.

You can also find Wolfcub in-store and online at JoJo Maman Bébé right now, and coming soon to more retailers in the UK.


Introduced in 2013, our Wolfram Precision : Crystal nail file range has become world-famous with the most discerning nail fanatics - classical and acoustic guitarists. We found that our ultra-fine filing surface worked amazingly on our kids' young, soft nails. So we created Wolfcub for every parent who's ever stressed over nail time.

Quote: Doing his nails is so easy now. Before, I had to wait until he was asleep, and I was terrified of hurting him!